Is there a separate price for the 21-day challenge or do I need to sign up for a membership?


By Emma and Carla

updated over 1 year ago

If you’d like to just sign up for the challenge that is so fine! Just let us know after you join and we will turn off the subscription. 

... but we have a feeling you will LOVE MerryBody after the Challenge!

Every 2 months we host Member Exclusive 21 Day Challenges where you’ll focus on specific changes and goals. You can also access all previous challenges and programs. There’s a 30 Day Yoga/Pilates everyday challenge, 5 Day Core Challenge, 7 Day Chakra Program and 21 Day Meditation Challenge just to name a few! We add this bonus content to your library so you can access these programs again and again. It’s that extra motivation when you most need it.

Be sure to check the link below for more details: 

Always merrymaking,

Emma + Carla

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